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Golden Lab Retriever Puppies


Sweet Dreams!

Quality people get the quality dog they deserve!

Golden Retriever / Yellow Labrador Mix Puppies

  • Calm Disposition!
  • New Standard for Service Dogs!
  • Natural Retrievers!

Contact Dean and Les: (906) 231-9682 Email:

Our Golden Lab Family

Our Golden Lab Family

The Golden Retriever / Yellow Lab mixed breed represents the best of both breeds.  The Golden Lab’s beautiful disposition and desire to work has led to their increased demand as  service, therapy, and companion dogs. One organization that has especially benefited from this dog’s abilities is the Wounded Warriors Project.  These breeds represent the two most popular selling dogs in North America.  Yellow Labrador / Golden Retrievers are great with children, seniors, and other pets.  Golden Retriever / Yellow Labrador coats range from short to long hair, light blond to ruby red and silky to coarse.  Golden Labs are generally lower shedding and more relaxed than their Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador predecessors.  Golden Labradors typically exhibit strong hips, as well as reduced reported instances of skin problems, associated with the pure bred Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labradors.

Flossi’s litter of Autumn of 2016

Please bookmark this site and check back for updates and new photos as the litter grows!

Use the link provided to send us an email, or call Dean at (906) 231-9682 if you would like more information, or to be placed on our waiting list!

Our puppies can be ordered now and should be ready for their new homes October 5-12, 2016.

We take care of all puppy Vet expenses up to that point – shots, worming, and health exams. Between 3 and 4 weeks old, we begin providing puppy chow while the mother continues to nurse. Call (906) 231-9682

Meet the parents!

We currently have two breeding females, Flossi and Ruby, with Pepita planning to join them in another year as Ruby retires. All three are 75% Golden Retriever / 25% Yellow Labrador. Their grandmothers were 100% pedigree Golden Retrievers, one reddish golden and one blond; their grandfather was a short hair 50 / 50 Golden Retriever / Yellow Lab. Our Moms each have a beautiful golden silky coat and fluffy tails. Flossi is approximately 65 lbs., calm, gentle, and runs with elegance and grace – like a gazelle!! Ruby is approximately 75 lbs. with shorter hair more closely resembling the lab. She as an affectionate disposition, submitting lovingly and playfully to dogs and people of all sizes and shapes. Our Moms are natural protectors guarding their kids and our entire family home – a small farm in North Florida in the winter, a cottage on the banks of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during summers! Flossi and Ruby are wonderful Moms, providing thick milk to all of her Golden Retriever / Yellow Labrador puppies while keeping them clean and comfortable! Dad Carlton is also 75% Golden Retriever / 25% Yellow Labrador. His mother was a blond and white long hair 100% Golden Retriever; his father was a 50 / 50 Golden Retriever / Yellow Lab. Carlton is a frolicking and affectionate dad! He weighs approximately 100 lbs. and has a longer bulkier frame with bushy tail. His coat is blond to red with longer slightly coarse hair. He can usually be found retrieving sticks or surveying his environment with his signature tongue hanging out! He loves to play with children, cats and of course, his puppies, teaching them all about playing ‘Stick’!

  • The Proud Parents
    The Proud Parents

Meet Their Latest Litter

  • 3 Week Cutie
    3 Week Cutie

Previous Litters

Ruby and Carlton have delivered four beautiful litters from October 2012 through April 2015. Below you will see photos from each of their various litters at different ages and stages in their growth.

Precious Pepita

Precious Pepita


  • Three Little Pups
    Three Little Pups


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